Zoella Beauty – Mini Review

I love Zoe Sugg.

She was one of the first people I watched when I started getting into YouTube about two years ago. Ever since, I watched her channel and her character grow, evolve and mature and it’s been such a pleasure. She inspires me a lot and I just very much enjoy her videos.

Obviously I had to get my hands on her beauty range ‘Zoella Beauty’ when I was in the UK.

It truly is as everyone is saying – the packaging screams ‘Zoe’! The font corresponds with her blog and YouTube design so you easily recognize and connect it with her. The colours are mainly held in white and soft pink which seems to be very Zoe as well, if you watch her videos or vlogs you’ll see that these are colours you’ll often find in her apartment decorations!

I didn’t go for the whole range because not all of it was for me but I am very happy with the choices I made!


MakeUp bag/pencil case – £8

This is a great addition to my ever-growing collecton of make up bags. It’s very spacious and perfectly holds my everyday make up, including the occasional extra eyeshadow quad for when I’m staying at my boyfriend’s and want to bring a little more.

‘Blissfull mistful’ fragranced body mist – £8

This is not a fragrance, I repeat, it is not a fragrance! Although it says ‘fragranced body mist’, I kind of thought it’d be a proper perfume. Stupid me. However, this is lovely for those “just popping out to the shops” days on which you’re not getting your full face of make up and a proper hair-do on but still want to look and smell clean. This will leave your skin with a very light scent, fruity and fresh.



‘Let’s Glow’ fragranced candle – £5

Another very fresh product! This will leave your room smelling incredibly nice and the smell really fills up your room. I find this very important because what’s a scented candle if the scent doesn’t transfer? If I had to say something critical about it, it’d only be that it’s so small and is therefore gone quite quickly haha!

‘Soak Opera’ bath soak & shower cream – £5

This smells of holiday to me.
You know that feeling when you’ve been laying on the beach all day, and then get back to your room in the late afternoon – salty hair, dry and freshly tanned skin -, jump into the shower before you head to dinner and then out for a drink? That shower, that’s how “Soak Opera” smells to me. And who doesn’t love a bit of holiday at home?

Overall, this is such an affordable beauty range which will please a lot of people, I reckon. Obviously scent is something quite personal but the fruity, fresh scent is something I wouldn’t normally go for, yet I really like the mixture she created here.

Zoella Beauty is available online on feelunique.com and Superdrug or in Superdrug stores.


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