Welcome back!

HELLO and a very warm welcome to lisakristinx 2.0!

I am so excited to relaunch this blog. Over the past month, I have been working behind the scenes to create more content, be more creative and generally more structured with this space.

Up until now, I used this as a sort of online diary. I spilled my thoughts out how and when I wanted, I threw in whatever I fancied and didn’t pay enough attention to detail. While I will still empty my brain on to this platform and will continue to inject my personality in here, I want to do it in a more structured way. I want to show different angles of who I am, what I get up to in my life and what I have learnt – in more than one way.

With the end of an unhappy era in London and a new, fresh start in Brighton, it was time for the blog to get an overhaul, too. I met with Vix from Vix Meldrew and chatted through the re-structuring and re-branding of the blog, what I wanted from it and how I could achieve exactly that. I left feeling incredibly inspired and motivated to make this a space that I love, stand behind and am proud of.

So, what’s going to be new? Well, I don’t want to give too much away but a few things are pretty obvious.

One, the design has changed. Not only that but I am also now hosting my blog with WordPress. I feel like this is the right step into a more professional direction and allows me to have much more control. A big Thank You goes out to Phil from pipdig who answered my 183 questions, migrated my blog for me and who also designed this layout.

While we’re at the topic of Thank Yous, a mega one also goes out to Vix, without whom I wouldn’t have regained my spark for this blog, without whom I would have no idea what I wanted to do and without whom I wouldn’t have spent the most inspiring and productive morning I’d had in weeks.

Back to this blog, you may also see that the categories have changed. There are now four main ones: CAREER, HOME, LIFESTYLE and THOUGHTS.

Whilst they are pretty self-explanatory, I’ll give you a quick rundown of them. CAREER is the newest category and will include everything from career advice to mistakes I made and learnt from to growing your own business. As I go along, I will take you with me and together we can explore the journey of a mid-20s woman who’s finding her feet on the business-ground. Hurrah!

HOME will include everything I love about being a home-body: Interior design, recipes and pamper routines. Together with the aforementioned category, it will also include how I’m trying to achieve a work-life-balance whilst working from home. LIFESTYLE is where I show you around Brighton, introduce you to beauty and fashion favourites or report back on events I went to. THOUGHTS stay the same as they have been: It’s where I empty my cloudy mind into hopefully somewhat comprehensive posts.

Without further ado, I will leave you to explore the new design a little bit, re-read old posts and get excited for what’s to come. I will post every other day and have lots planned already – come along for the ride!

‘til next time x





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