A year ago today: The view from the Shard

When I first visited London with my dad in 2005, the London Eye was the one attraction which stood out the most.

Having a view over London from 135m above the ground was mesmerizing. It was my absolute favourite thing that we did and despite the horrendous price (the website says it’s only £19,20 for an adult ticket but I’m pretty sure we paid more?!), it really was worth it. I had visited London a couple more times afterwards but I never went on the London Eye again. The long queue and expensive price seemed not to be worth it anymore.

However, the Shard is quite literally another story.
With a total height of 310m and public viewing galleries at 240m, the Shard is one of the tallest buildings in Europe and quite possibly becoming London’s most famous landmark.

My friend Julia – who I should’ve introduced to you by now, really; she’s German, too, and I met her in London. Ever since our first conversation, she’s been my best friend – and myself really wanted to go up there and experience London from above again. She suggested that we go in the evening just in time to see the sunset. It was the best idea she could’ve had!

We went for early dinner in Central and then headed to London Bridge. We had booked tickets for 6:30pm and it was the perfect timing. We caught the last rays of sunshine slowly kissing London good night.


Soon enough, the sun had disappeared but London didn’t fall asleep. Oh no, it was time for the night lights to rise and shine!




It was so lovely and made me fall in love with London even more.
It’s comforting seeing the love of your life from above, feeling like you’re able to see every little move but at the same time not being able to really catch everything. For a while, I just sat on the floor and soaked it all up, blissfully smiling away.

Eventually, it became a little too cold and we made our way down to earth.

I highly suggest going up the Shard in time to see the sun set.

You need to book tickets in advance. Adult tickets are £24,95 and with a student discount they’re £19,95.


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