Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast

Now, I know I’m not exactly the first one to post a recipe like this.

But even after two years of reading blogs, having Instagram and being subscribed to numerous YouTube channels, I have never really paid attention to French Toast. I never really knew what it was, nor was I particularly interested in it. But one day I came across a photo of “vanilla cinnamon French Toast” and really wanted to give it a go.

And boy, I can 100% guarantee you that this recipe is fool-proof.


When it comes to trying new recipes, I usually mess it up on my first attempt (and most likely even on the second, third…). This one here, however, was a success at first try – although I did it whilst still half-asleep on a Monday morning. If that doesn’t say it all.


I like this as an alternative to my usual Go-To breakfast. Quickly made and a delicious start into your day. I just googled a recipe and then slightly changed one I found onĀ




For 3 servings, you will need:

3 slices of toast

1 egg

60ml milk

1 tablespoon of vanilla sugar

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

a few knobs of butter



Simply mix your egg, milk, vanilla sugar and cinnamon together.

Put a knob of butter in a pan and let it melt on medium heat. Dunk your toast slice into the mixture and brown each side. You might want to add a new knob of butter after each slice.


Now serve with as many sides as you like. You can add fruits, honey, maple syrup or even some custard if you’re feeling particularly naughty. Oh, and don’t forget a cuppa!



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