Tudor World

A bit less Shakespearean is Tudor World, an exhibition about life in the 16th century, including aspects such as monarchy, religion, society and diseases.

If I’m completely honest, I really wasn’t impressed with this at all. Blame it on the guy at the entrance who told me about there being ghosts in the building, but the entire museum, as they call it, seemed a bit… amateur to me. Like a school exhibition you put on at the end of term for family and friends.

^ I don’t know how random these sonnets actually are but when I pressed the button, it read Sonnet 18 out for me, which is my absolute favourite!

I think I scored 45, so I’m only in the witch danger area, don’t worry.

Admission is £6 for an adult and they also offer tours around Stratford upon Avon, including a Ghost Tour.

Find them on 40 Sheep Street, CV37 6EE.


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