Three things I can’t quite believe I did.

The inspiration for this post came from badass list maker and allround sunshine Hannah Gale, who published a post titled “7 life mistakes I’m glad I’ve made“. But as much as I wanted to make a post like hers, I just couldn’t think of mistakes I was glad I made. Don’t get me wrong, I can think of quite a few mistakes but it just didn’t sit right with me to say I was ‘glad’ I made them.

Instead, here are three things I just can’t quite believe are actually part of my life story.

Going to Australia. On my own. At the age of 16.
People always ask me how and why I decided to live in Australia for six months without any family or friends. And quite frankly, I don’t have an answer for it. I had a friend who went to Australia for six months and I must’ve just thought, “Yeah, I can do that.” Boy, the first couple of weeks were hard (think mega homesickness and a host family I didn’t get along with) but after settling in and just simply not giving a crap about the people I had to stay with anymore, I just had an amazing time from which I took some of my fondest memories – and, to this day, some really good friends.

Sign a six month tenancy agreement in London without having a job.
You might know that, before moving to London permanently last year, I lived here for nearly seven months in 2013/14. I had landed a three month internship but always wanted to stay longer. From my time in Australia I knew that three months just aren’t enough to explore a city properly, so I very optimistically signed a six month tenancy agreement, not knowing how to earn cash after my internship. In the end, I took a second internship – which is the company that took me back full time last year!

Actually taking the plunge to move to London.
I emigrated. What? Me? Really? For years, I always said I wanted to move abroad. And when I came back from London in 2014, I said I wanted to move back. But they were words, and as much as I knew that it was my true intention, I didn’t always trust that it would work out in the end. And then I sent the company I used to intern at an email and asked for a job and moved to London eight weeks later. I can’t quite believe I did it and sometimes still pinch myself that I actually live in England now.

I do realise they all have to do with going abroad but these are still the three most ‘pinch me’-moments of my life. And already, I cherish them like nothing else.

’til next time x


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