Shakespeare’s Birthplace

Right in the centre of Stratford upon Avon is the house in which it all began: Shakespeare’s Birthplace. It was my first stop when I got there, as it seemed quite fitting to start my Shakespearean adventure where his began, too.

At the time, this was the largest house on Henley Street. Shakespeare grew up here with his parents and siblings, and also spent the first few years of his married life with Anne Hathaway in this very building.

I would recommend this as your first stop, too, as it starts with a film about the impact Shakespeare’s work had on literature and language. Did you know that his works comprise nearly 1 million words, many of which he invented and which we still use today?

As you walk through the house, you learn about life in the 16th century, how William grew up being the third of eight children and what his day to day life would have looked like. There is also a beautiful garden area in which actors occasionally act out a scene from one of his plays.

Shakespeare’s birthplace is a lovely place to start your journey through his life, right in the city centre on Henley Street, CV37 6QW.



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