London, UK

A year ago today: New Years Eve!

I was so excited to spend New Years Eve in London. I wanted to do something really cool, as this was a possibly once in a lifetime event (or at least, once before a really long period of not being back…

London, UK

A year ago today: the 3-day-birthday bash!

It’s my birthday today! And shock horror, it was also my birthday the same day last year. Now technically, this is not just “a year ago today” but rather a “a year ago yesterday, today and tomorrow” because I went…

Cambridge, UK

A year ago today: Cambridge (photo diary)


London, UK

Pink donuts & chicken

By Tuesday, the cold had fully gotten hold of me.   I was sneezing and coughing and sounded like I had a glass of whisky too many. But that wouldn’t stop me from enjoying the last ‘proper’ day we had…

London, UK

Grey & drizzling

Monday didn’t present itself very photogenic. It started out grey, cold and drizzling with rain. We headed to Primark at Marble Arch (very disappointing) and then straight back to Stratford for a second round of shopping at Westfield (very disappointing,…

Brighton, UK

The day my boyfriend supposedly saw Alfie Deyes

It was our one year anniversary on Sunday. We wanted to do something special that was still not going to break the bank and so we eventually decided to hop on a train and go to Brighton for the day…

London, UK

Walking a thousand miles

Saturday was our first full day and we didn’t have a plan whatsoever. The only thing we knew we wanted was to soak up as much London as we could (please don’t take this literally) and get into the London…

London, UK

A year ago today: The view from the Shard

When I first visited London with my dad in 2005, the London Eye was the one attraction which stood out the most. Having a view over London from 135m above the ground was mesmerizing. It was my absolute favourite thing…

London, UK

A year ago today: Notting Hill Carnival

Speaking of beautiful days in London and feeling at peace with myself… let’s talk about Notting Hill Carnival. Whenever music and dancing is involved, I seem to be automatically happy. I used to be a dancer for almost 20 years…

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