Rituals “Sakura” Scrub

One of the first blog posts I have ever written was about the “Rituals Himalaya Wisdom Body Scrub” – which, admittedly, sure isn’t one of my finest pieces.

My love for this brand and its products has not vanished though, and for my birthday last year, my friend who had gotten me the Himalaya Wisdom Scrub got me a new one (clearly not because I repeatedly told her how amazing it was and how sad I was for it to be empty…).



This is incredible.
It smells so lovely – fresh, clean, fruity, absolutely perfect for spring! The texture is a bit smoother and finer than the “Himalaya Wisdom” one (it kind of feels like a sorbet!), and although I don’t really like fine scrubs, this one is still perfectly textured. I use it on my legs and my arms twice a week, and my skin feels super soft afterwards.


The Sakura Scrub is available for 19,50€ – well worth it!


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