Relax: A 10 step plan.

The term ‘self care’ has been floating around the internet for a good while now. It’s about looking after yourself and your mental health properly, and allowing yourself some down time and stress-free moments. Here’s what I do to wind down and give some TLC to my soul.


1. Tidy my room
I don’t mean a proper spring clean but just enough to give a somewhat organised impression, even if that just means folding the clothes on the chair. This will make the atmosphere in your room so much calmer immediately.

2. Have a long, hot shower/bath.
And I mean the whole lot: shampoo twice, use a hair mask, shave, exfoliate. This is the time to use your favourite bath bomb or shower oil and give your body all the moisture.

3. Skincare
Give your skin some TLC, too! Put a face mask on and really take your time to massage your skin care in, both face and body. Do you ever have enough time to let that hydrating serum sink in properly? Yeah, me neither.

4. Tea
Because let’s face it, a cuppa temporarily solves everything.

5. Hot water bottle
As does cuddling a little warm ball of comfort (alternatively, you can use your pet for this).

6. Candles & fairylights
I know that (scented) candles are not everyone’s cup of tea but who can say no to fairylights? This is all about creating a cosy atmosphere in your room and getting rid of any harsh light sources. Warm and twinkly is what we want!

7. A film, book or show
Sometimes I’ll put a film or series on and give myself a manicure while I do this. Other times I just curl up with a book – it depends on the mood! The important part is that you relax, calm down and watch or read something that slows you down a little bit.

8. No distraction!
As hard as it can be, I try to put my phone away relatively early to avoid too much distraction. After a day of 8-hour-multitasking, I really don’t want to do it anymore at night!

9. Early night
Considered ‘uncool’ for some, I just think getting some sleep is pretty awesome. You probably don’t get enough sleep per night so having one evening where you aim for those eight hours can be really beneficial for your well-being and also your productivity!

10. Fresh air
Don’t forget to open your window before you go to sleep! If it’s warm enough, leave it open for the night if you can. I find that I sleep so much better with a fresh breeze in the room.

I try to have these nights at least once a week and I find that it does wonders for my energy levels and overall well-being. Why don’t you give it a go?

’til next time x


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