Recent favourites: Music, blogs, and everything else.

I don’t really do weekly, monthly or any other kind of roundups. My attempt at regularly listing five things that have recently made me happy failed miserably, and over the last few weeks and months, I felt like there just wasn’t enough content out there that really grabbed my attention. However, this has changed over the last couple of weeks; possibly influenced by a new-found level of relaxation and a very welcomed comeback of my creativity and motivation, I thought I would compile a few of my favourite things lately.

Blog posts

  • Michelle wrote a post all about her future goals and what she’s saying Yes to. I found myself nodding along, sharing a lot of the dreams and outlooks as her. Plus, I adore her writing style!
  • Rebecca talked about loneliness and how we need to address it more. Another post I wholeheartedly agree with and will be re-reading a lot.
  • Hannah shared a loving post about her breastfeeding journey, and whilst I’m nowhere near motherhood myself, I really enjoy her parenthood-related content. It’s raw, honest and still very much Hannah Gale.
  • A bit of a different format but Natasha’s story about how she started the freelance life was very inspiring. I can tell that I will be coming back to this interview in times of doubt and worries, and I’m sure it’ll push me back on track and in the right direction.


  • I had a screenshot of Lewis Capaldi‘s Instagram page saved on my phone for ages. It was supposed to be a reminder to look him up, but I only recently remembered. And boy, am I glad I did! What a voice!
  • I was pleasantly surprised when I saw he had made a song with another current favourite of mine, Jessie Reyez. I loved her album ‘Kiddo’ when it first came out, but then kind of forgot about it. She’s fantastic and I’m officially obsessed!
  • Cardi B. What can I say about her? Some songs I absolutely love, others… not so much. My current favourite is her remix of Bruno Mars’ ‘Finesse’ – what a bop!

Instagram accounts

  • Julia is currently on a four-month road trip around Europe with her van Wilma. Her account is in German but it’s worth following her for her stunning photos alone. Wanderlust: On!
  • A bit random but I’ve been kinda loving Paris Jackson’s account. I don’t know much about her at all but she’s grown into a beautiful young lady!
  • Sina and her family create the most beautiful family photos. Absolutely adorable!
  • Speaking of adorable families, Hayley and her daughter Layla warm my heart every day. They are the perfect mother-daughter-team and it’s a joy seeing little Layla be so happy all the time.
  • I love a good book account, and the creativity that goes into James’ photos is next level!

YouTube channels & videos

  • Dan Mace deserves so many more subscribers than he has. When he’s not helping Casey Neistat with his 368 videos, Dan produces absolutely stunning and mindblowingly creative videos. Especially this video pulled on my heartstrings in many ways: ‘I Met The President!’
  • Obviously an all-time favourite and my number one creative crush remains Casey Neistat – his channel doesn’t need an extra mention. This video, however, does: ‘A 3 Minute Experiment; It Worked’
  • I’m not a big fan of the original song, but this cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a woman’ by dodie, Julia Nunes and Orla Gartland is simply beautiful!
  • I couldn’t not mention Shane Dawson’s five-part series about Jeffree Star. Emotional, inspiring and super, super interesting. Watch the first part here.


Who and what have you been loving recently?

’til next time x



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