Porridge four ways.

Porridge is my favourite breakfast for cloudy, chilly days. It’s a bowl of comfort, which is best eaten whilst snuggled up on the sofa watching telly and having a cuppa. But eating it the same way every day can be a bit boring, so I am here to bring you four ways to upgrade your oats.



Before we get adventurous, let’s talk about the classic. I make mine with 40g porridge oats and 200ml of soy milk. Pop it on the hob, bring it to the boil and then let it simmer for about 2-3 minutes. I like to top it with banana, honey, cinnamon and some nuts.

With nut butter
This one just brings a bit more flavour and a little twist to the whole thing. Take the measurements from above but pop a teaspoon of your favourite nutbutter in just before it boils. I normally use almond butter as I really like the taste – I just don’t use almond milk enough for it to be worth buying a whole litre of it. Again, I like to top it with banana, honey and cinnamon.

With banana
I like to make this when I have really ripe bananas but can’t be bothered to bake a banana bread. Take 40g of porridge oats and about 175ml of milk. Then peel half a banana (or to taste) and mash it up until it’s very creamy, almost slimey. Just before your porridge comes to the boil, add the mashed banana and stir it in. I still like to add half a teaspoon of almond butter but that’s completely up to you.

The banana will make the porridge much creamier and sweeter, so I just like to top it with some defrosted (or fresh, depending on the season) berries and that’s it!

With coffee
For those days where you need an extra kick up the bum.
Take between one and three tablespoons of coffee and pop it into the porridge mixture. You may want to use a bit less milk depending on how much coffee you use. Cook as normal and top with fruit or nuts of your choice – I like banana and walnuts.

How do you like your porridge in the morning?

’til next time x


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