I never quite know how to describe myself or what to put on those 'About' pages. What is important information you actually need to know, and what is just me getting carried away with talking about what I love? I guess you'd want to know that I'm 26 and based in Brighton. That I hold a degree in English linguistics and used to live and work in London.

But what I really want to say is that reading and writing are my absolute passions. I use this little outlet on the internet to discuss what's going through my head; to occasionally talk about a great beauty or skincare product or to review places that I went to and experiences that I had. I like to create content rather than just making it; put feelings & meaning into my words and emotions & yearning into my photographs. With the odd post here and there which is a pure ramble about something because, well, I can't dive deep with every single post I publish, can I.

You can find me on most social media channels under @lisakristinx.

If you'd rather send me an email, whether it's a collaboration or just a few lines that are more than 140 characters, please do so on lisakristinx@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting!

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