The day my boyfriend supposedly saw Alfie Deyes

It was our one year anniversary on Sunday.

We wanted to do something special that was still not going to break the bank and so we eventually decided to hop on a train and go to Brighton for the day (read: I’d been bothering him about it for weeks and due to lack of budget-friendly options, he caved).

We overslept and took a train later than originally planned but by 12:35pm we had finally made it to the South.




Our first stop was Brighton Pier.



The weather was lovely – sunny and the perfect temperature to be at the seaside. Luckily, I had opted for the perfect outfit… black on black on black.





The pier is a lovely place to walk around on. Every few minutes I stopped and just looked around, soaking up the sun, the salty air and the sound of seagulls flying over my head.

What I also absolutely loved were all the arcade games.
I grew up playing these sorts of games with my dad whenever we would come across a place on holiday. These arcade places hold a lot of special memories for me and let’s be honest – they’re so much fun, no matter how old you are!




I hade seen the Pacman Smash game in various vlogs on YouTube and could not wait to try it myself. Differently to other Air Hockey games, this one comes with a twist as tiny pucks are being released every few seconds. Unfortunately, I have to admit that my score is the one on the left… but it was super fun nonetheless!

We then took a first stroll around the ever so famous Lanes.






I really, really liked all the hidden shops and alley ways. I could’ve spent hours discovering new ways to go and new places to see.

But lunch time had come around and there was only one thing I wanted to eat: fish & chips.
We sat down in a little restaurant by the sea and enjoyed a plate of lovely battered fish with perfectly vinegar-y chips.



After that, we strolled along the beach back to the pier for dessert… a lot of dessert.



I can never resist Churros with Nutella. Ever.

But who can blame me, eh?

Feeling guilty after having six churros each, we decided to walk it off straight away and strolled around the Lanes again. Popping in and out of shops, I pretty much lost myself until we eventually passed a shop called “Celebrating Britain” where we were sucked into sweets once again. I even forgot to take pictures, that’s how good it was in there. As if we didn’t have enough sweets already, we left with a bag of Pick’n’Mix and a bar of Salted Caramel & Peanut chocolate.

On our way back to the train station, I decided to quickly pop into Superdrug to search for something I was very excited about: Zoella’s new beauty products!

When I came out of the shop, my boyfriend very excitedly told me that he was convinced he had just seen Alfie Deyes from the YouTube channel PointlessBlog which I absolutely love watching and who definitely lives in Brighton. As does his girlfriend, Zoe (or Zoella) whose beauty products I had just purchased.

So technically, I missed the opportunity to meet one of my favourite male YouTubers because I was busy spending money on his girlfriend’s beauty range (and she happens to be my absolute favourite female YouTuber)… oh the irony.

Anyway, we then made our way back to London after a tiring but nevertheless lovely, lovely day out in Brighton.


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