A year ago today: Notting Hill Carnival

Speaking of beautiful days in London and feeling at peace with myself… let’s talk about Notting Hill Carnival.

Whenever music and dancing is involved, I seem to be automatically happy. I used to be a dancer for almost 20 years and I’m pretty sure this has left a mark on me.

Notting Hill Carnival, to me, is about two things – happiness and food. There’s jerk chicken, cocktails, music and dancing everywhere and really, what more do you need for a happy day out?



There was music on every corner and the people there were so cool. There were literally good vibes everywhere. It was such a peaceful, happy, full-of-life atmosphere which I really enjoyed. At times I felt like I was in a music video, walking down the streets and just breaking out into spontaneous dancing sessions with random people.

But of course, another highlight is the parade.


Men and women in sexy costumes dancing their way to caribbean rhythm? Don’t mind if I do!


We danced with them, we walked the parade with them – we just joined them in enjoying life! It was a really nice day, especially as it was a super sunny day, too!

One more rum punch and then we headed home.

I’m gutted I can’t be there this year but I’ll be back sooner or later nonetheless!


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