I don’t have a post for today. #2

It is currently 8:02am on Sunday, the 9th of April. A new post is supposed to go live in about two hours and I haven’t scheduled one. I have about 16 posts sitting in my drafts but none of them are ready to be put out in the open. And I hate myself a little bit for it.

This past week has been tough. I was off work for various health reasons and even though you could think that this would give me plenty of time to write and schedule posts for weeks in advance, I simply didn’t have the energy or the right mindset to put thoughts into words on to paper (or, you know, on the blog). Whilst I have jotted down many ideas and thoughts, I simply can’t make meaningful sentences out of them.

Admittedly, I had lost my blogging mojo a little bit (alongside my mojo for anything else in life, to be perfectly honest with you). However, I went to the Blogosphere Cafe yesterday, an event hosted by the lovely team behind the Blogosphere Magazine, and all my inspiration came running back to me. It was lovely to meet other small bloggers, who face the same struggles as me; who got the same questions as me but who equally love this little outlet as much as I do. I had the pleasure to meet the wonderful Lauren from Britton Loves whose photography tips & tricks finally made me set my mind on a camera I want to invest in.

And I realised that hey, I really bloody love doing this and I want to invest my time and creativity. I might not have the time to put up more than one or two posts a week at the moment, but let’s make those one or two ones really good, shall we?

’til then x


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