A year ago today: The Newton Faulkner Experience 2.0

As I already explained here, I have a little bit of an obsession with Newton Faulkner.

Although personally, I wouldn’t call it a proper obsession. It rather is an utter admiration for the person and his music, for his lyrics that gave me so much hope and strength in times when I needed it the most.

You know how people say, “This artist was there for me when no one else was” or “His/Her music got me through the day”. I used to chuckle about this. Not anymore. This is literally what happened to me. I’m 100% sure that I wouldn’t have gotten through some low times if it wasn’t for Newton Faulkner and his lyrics. I’m getting soppy again, oh god.

Anyway, obviously I had to see if there was any chance I could see him in London. Turns out, there was! He was playing at Islington Assembly Hall on the 2nd of September and I knew I had to go. As I didn’t have an English bank account, I couldn’t buy the tickets. Desperately I was telling my former housemate about it (one from Greenwich whom I was still talking to at the time, and whom I had preached my love for Newton Faulkner to ever since I first met him), to which, at some point, he just replied, “I got this”. He then bought two tickets, one for me, one for himself. To say I was surprised would be an understatement.

September 2nd couldn’t come fast enough and I was a total mess at work. I was super nervous and excited and all at the same time. I met my friend at Highbury & Islington station after work. He wanted to grab a bite to eat and a drink, I just wanted to get into that Assembly Hall and soak up the atmosphere. I caved as he was so nice when I couldn’t get the tickets.

After what seemed like forever, we made our way into the venue and shortly after, Sam Brookes began to play. I had seen him in April already as he was on tour with Newton in Germany, too, and he was as fabulous as always. That chap is going to go far!

Then, it was finally time for the Ginger Yeti himself.
Very much like in my last post, I can’t describe the concert to you. I literally can’t. I was sucked into a world of my own again, my own happy place, my own little delirium. It was over so soon, I think I barely got a chance to breathe.

Very much like in my last post, this happened.

I look awful and I am very aware of that, but I was also a blissful little creature. I had kind of hoped I could convince Newton and his brother & sister to come along for a cuppa back to mine because I basically lived within walking distance but in the end I was too shy to even jokingly ask.

Having followed his Studio Zoo project before, I was now also aware of the fact that his brother was a huge part of producing the album, so naturally I had to say Hello to him, too

This was the last day I saw my housemate; we lost touch after this but I am still very happy to have shared this with him, and very grateful that he sorted out the tickets.


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