The Newton Faulkner Experience

My love for Newton Faulkner got its first tiny sparkle back in 2007.

I was living in Brisbane at the time and every Saturday morning, I’d watch a music show whose name I forgot. Anyway, his song “Dream catch me” had just come out and I really liked it. I didn’t really pay much more attention to him but the song continued to accompany me.

In 2012, someone made a modernised version of a mixtape for me – a USB stick full of music he enjoyed. It was a gesture of trying to impress me and as I was not into that at all (after all, we weren’t 16 anymore), so I didn’t pay any attention to it whatsoever.
A couple of months later, I was having an evening of reminiscing about my time in Australia and was listening to the music I used to listen to back then. I remembered Newton Faulkner and searched for the song in the ‘music’ folder on my computer. I then found all of his albums that he had released until then. I assume they came from the USB stick. I refuse to say that this boy got me into the Newton Faulkner spirit, though.

However, from that moment on, I could not stop listening to him. I listened to his songs every single day and kept falling in love more. It was also at that time that he released his third album “Write it on your skin”, so my obsession got new fuel. When I found out he was going to be in Germany, I instantly bought a ticket to his concert in Cologne. Who cared that it was more than 6 months away? There was no way I was going to miss it. Luckily, I could convince my dad to like Newton, too, and bought his ticket as a Christmas gift.

By the time April 29th, 2013 rolled around, my love for him was unconditional. I took the day off work, woke up early and was excited like a child on Christmas morning.

Dad and I made our way to Cologne and sat down in a lovely little café called “Café Duddel“. The atmosphere was cosy with dimmed light and wooden furniture, and their coffee is really nice. I haven’t been back since because it’s not exactly around the corner from where I live but to this day, it is still on my To Do List. I wasn’t really paying attention back then, I was eager to see Newton.

The club was small so the atmosphere was very close and familiar.
Newton had brought a support act with him – Sam Brookes. Very similar style of music, very talented young chap. I was impressed and immediately got some of his songs the next day.

Now, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for the moment where I finally get to the point I describe the actual concert… and I wish I could… but I can’t. You know how women say they can’t remember the birth of their child properly? That is a little like I would explain my Newton Faulkner experience. Not as painful as giving birth, of course, but just as mark-leaving.

I was mesmerized. I was in my own world of love and peace and happiness. It was the most amazing night of my life and I felt so happy and blissful. A Newton Faulkner concert is definitely good for your soul. I had been going through a difficult time but that night, I forgot all sorrows. It was magical.

I just could not stop smiling. After the concert, my dad and I decided to have a drink at the bar and let the other people invade the wardrobe and the carpark first. When all of a sudden, a little door opened and Mr. Faulkner himself casually stepped out to say Hello to everyone. It took some time to convince me but I eventually maned up and let this happen:

And yes, I started crying after this.
I was just so happy and didn’t know how to cope with this fuzzy warm feeling inside of my tummy.

It was the perfect night.
And it happened again – stay tuned for the next “A year ago today” post!


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