My New Year’s resolution for 2018.

As you may have seen in one of my recent posts, I went into 2017 with 20 New Year’s Resolutions, which, admittedly, was pretty stupid. Luckily I’ve learned from this mistake, so for 2018, I am setting myself exactly one: Out of the comfort zone.

That’s right – my ‘motto’ for 2018 is ‘living outside my comfort zone’. With depression and anxiety being two of my closest followers in 2017, I think I have gained enough strength through the low times in order to make 2018 the year in which I make good things happen.

I feel really excited about starting this new episode. Since my last move at the start of October, I managed to shake off some demons and started to make some changes and improvements which I am hoping to continue and intensify in 2018. I am motivated and confident and just overall a lot happier and more secure in myself.

Whilst I have set myself one resolution for this upcoming year, there are obviously a few little bullet points that fall under it. And then there are some other little things here and there which I would like to achieve within those 365 days, which I am not going to share with you just yet – just watch this space.

With a better attitude and outlook on life, I hope that positivity and optimism will find their way back to and stick with me, and help me to see life a lot brighter and more colourful, leaving the grey haze that lay over a lot of 2017 behind.


Do you set yourself New Year’s resolutions?

’til next time x


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