A year ago today: New Years Eve!

I was so excited to spend New Years Eve in London. I wanted to do something really cool, as this was a possibly once in a lifetime event (or at least, once before a really long period of not being back in London for NYE).


My friend Julia had four friends coming over from Germany so she wanted to do something special as well. We browsed the internet and found a very promising party right in Leicester Square, up in the air – The Penthouse. An absolutely stunning club, unlike anything I had ever been to before.


But first – pre-drinks!


Don’t be confused – neither my friend Julia nor her guests from Germany are actually in these pictures. They had pre-drinks on their own and I was joined by three of my housemates. One of them, the lady in the red skirt, joined me later on for the party at Leicester Square, too!


I hardly wanted to leave our little get together in the kitchen at all but I was excited for the party nonetheless! Unfortunately I don’t really have any good quality photos as I stupidly forgot my camera at home but I have a crappy phone photo of the stunning view!



Unfortunately, that’s as far as my photo material gets, I’m really sorry!


My night did not end very well, either, as my dress attracted more strangers as I had thought it would, and as the night went on and the booze was flowing, more and more strangers seemed to think it was okay to touch me inappropriately. Which then resulted in me having an anxiety attack and having to leave the party at around 1am. Boooooh!


However, I can only recommend The Penthouse for any occasion, really, as I loved the music and the location a lot. It’s unlike anything I’ll ever find around where I live in Germany so I still think that I did make the most of my NYE in London.


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