My Fuck budget 2017.

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Sarah Knight’s The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck has been all over the internet for a good while. I have never read it but the title sort of gives a hint as to what this is about. With Vix Meldrew’s post, I learnt that my favourite activity – list making – is an essential part of creating your own ‘fuck’ budget: make a list for ‘things’, ‘work’, ‘friends’ and ‘family’ and decide where to give more fucks, and where to take a few away.

So here it goes…

More: Memories. I never document anything, or not enough, but this year I would like to make a scrapbook including all the memories I hope to make in 2017. (Even more so, I would love to make a highlight video but we’ll see if I manage to get enough video clips together.)

Less: Finances. I am really good with budgeting and savings, however, I do tend to be very harsh on myself. I don’t want to become reckless but allow myself the occasional takeaway without feeling like I’ve just ruined my entire life.

More: Positivity. There are a lot of negative, grumpy bugs in the office, and more often than I’d like to admit, I let them drag me down, too. This year, I am going to make a conscious effort to spread positivity and keep my sunny outlook even with storm clouds floating around me.

Less: Time off. Much like Vix, I never call in sick unless I’m actually half dead. In 2017, I want to listen to my body more and take time to recuperate before it’s too late.

More: Compliments. I want to be even more open with my friends about how well they do, how proud I am of them and how much I cherish them.

Less: Criticism. Sometimes I get caught up in a knot of thoughts along the lines of ‘omg, look what they said or didn’t say here, they don’t care about me at all’, but hey, my friends are humans, too, and just because they did or didn’t say what I wanted them to, doesn’t mean they don’t care. I tend to be very critical with myself but I don’t want to let this transfer on to how I view my friends.

More: Appreciation. With me living in a different country to my family, I appreciate the time I spend with loved ones much more, and want to continue to do so.

Less: The Past. Things happened, people are weird, let’s move on.

2017, I am ready for you.

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclaimer for more info.

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