My favourite musicals & a musical wishlist.

I absolutely love musical theatre. If I was only a little bit more talented in the singing department, I would have definitely gone into it during and especially after school (Fun fact: I looked up everywhere if I could study musical theatre without having to do the singing. I couldn’t. Sad face).

That doesn’t mean that I can’t spend my time watching musicals and wishing I was up there on stage. Without further ado, here are my favourite musicals and a little wishlist, too.

1. Tanz der Vampire (Dance of the Vampires)
This is a German musical but I just can’t not mention it. My dad and me are pretty much obsessed with it. We’ve seen it four times in total and have travelled considerable distances to see it. It is the most beautiful musical and my absolute favourite ever for so many reasons.

We first get to know Professor Abronsius and his apprentice Alfred, who have travelled to Transylvania to study vampires. After getting lost in the woods in a icy winter’s night, they find shelter in a pub and meet Chagal, the owner, along with his wife, his daughter Sarah and his staff. Alfred immediately falls for Sarah, who is not entirely averse to him but who desires something else; something more dangerous, therefore thrilling and somewhat naughty and forbidden. No other than Earl von Krolock, who, you guessed it, is a vampire and lives in a hidden castle with his entourage, is trying to lure her into his castle and seduce her. She eventually gives in, and Professor Abronsius and Alfred try to rescue her.

My favourite part is the relationship between von Krolock and Sarah. There is so much lust, passion and danger but at the same time romance, emotions and genuine feelings. We get to know the Earl a bit better and learn about how he’s desperate to not be the way he is, albeit that he can’t help it, and it’s just absolutely overwhelmingly beautiful.

Catch it in Stuttgart’s Stage Palladium Theatre until the 3rd of September 2017.

2. Kinky Boots
I had seen a few posters all over London but it never really caught my attention. When my housemate asked me if I wanted to come with her, as she had two free tickets, I thought ‘Why not’ – and was completely blown away.

A beautiful story about Charlie, who inherits his father’s shoe factory whilst being not being interested in the slightest. The factory is about to go bankrupt when he meets drag queen Simon, aka Lola. They decide to join forces and make boots that would ‘support the weight of a man’ – which, of course, doesn’t come without disagreements and complications…

We follow their journey, both separate and joined, and it’s the perfect mix of fun, feelings and simply feeling good. It tells us a lot about acceptance, friendship and solidarity. I guarantee you will have a tear or two in your eye – whether that’s from laughing or just from overflowing with emotions!

Find it at London’s Adelphi Theatre, The Strand, WC2R 0NS.

3. Billy Elliot
When I lived in London in 2013/14, I got musical tickets a bit cheaper via the agency I was there with. I originally only went because, well, who can say no to cheaper musical tickets. But boy, was I wrong.

The scene is set in mid-1980s England, where times are rough and coal miners are on strike. We are introduced to Billy, a little boy who decides to trade his boxing gloves for ballet shoes. This, of course, doesn’t come without disapproval and mockery, but Billy persists.

It’s a truly beautiful story which shows us that we should all follow our dreams and not let anyone tell us that we can’t do something. I was really touched by it and loved the music, too!

Billy Elliot is currently touring, find updates here.

Other musicals I’ve seen include:
CATS, The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express, Grease

Les Miserables. I so desperately want to see Les Mis, I can’t even express how much I love the soundtrack and storyline! I am gutted that I missed Carrie Hope Fletcher playing Eponine but would still be the happiest girl if I could, one day, see it. Albeit that I should probably go by myself because I start sobbing whenever I hear the first few notes of ‘I dreamed a dream’ and ‘On my own’.

Dear Evan Hansen. A relatively new musical on Broadway. What I love about it is that they pick up the topic of social anxiety and how it affects one’s everyday life. The soundtrack is beautiful and made me design my own images in my head already, so I would love to see how it actually translates.

The Addams Family. Currently on tour, I would love to see it for one main reason: Carrie Hope Fletcher. In case you haven’t noticed, I absolutely adore Carrie and would love to see her perform. As I follow her on YouTube and social media, I have also seen a lot from behind the scenes and it seems like a genuinely nice cast and quirky plot! (And I just want to hear her sing ‘Pulled’!)

Aladdin. Any Disney musical is a good musical in my books, so this is a must!! Aladdin is such a classic film and I’m always curious to see how the golden oldies are put into live theatre performances.

Hamilton. The hype that has surrounded Hamilton definitely made me curious enough to want to go and watch it. The soundtrack is quite different, I think, which is really interesting. It lands in London in November this year so I’m hoping to see it by the end of this or early next year.

What are your favourite musicals?
’til next time x


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