My favourite brekkie at the moment

I have never been a big fan of breakfast.

I’m the one who gets hungry about two hours after waking up. I remember when we used to go on family holidays, my mum would wake up and starve. She’d be super excited and fill her plate with scrambled eggs, bacon and tomatoes. My dad and I were tired and struggling to chew on a mini piece of sponge cake.

It’s not that bad anymore. But I still don’t get very hungry, and most of the time breakfast is not part of my time schedule in the mornings.

If I have time though, I have stuck to one breakfast nearly every day for months now. It is deeelicious and at least semi-healthy!

Breakfast ingredients. Honey, granola, soy yoghurt, cinnamon, banana.


Ingredients: soy yoghurt, natural flavour // muesli // banana // honey // cinnamon

I really really like soy products. Since my digestive system is not a massive fan of lactose (I wouldn’t call myself intolerant but very sensitive still), soy has been my best friend. My favourite flavour is vanilla but the natural one is really nice for breakfast as it allows the other ingredients to fully evolve their flavour.

Granola and yoghurt in a bowl

The muesli is most likely the unhealthiest ingredient in here but it tastes so nice! I chose a crunchy one with raisins, nuts and honey. Of course you’re welcome to substitute this for a healthier option, but in my opinion, you should fuel up for the day with breakfast, so don’t be too harsh on carbs and sugar here.

Soy yoghurt with granola and a chopped up banana


Soy yoghurt with granola and a chopped up banana

If I had to live off of one fruit for the rest of my life, it’d be bananas.
They give you energy, make you feel full and are very digestive for your stomach which is always important for me! My stomach wakes up even later than I do and gets easily grumpy at certain types of food. A banana is always welcome though!

Honey and cinnamon

Last but not least, I’ll add a bit of honey and occasionally some cinnamon in there to give it that bit of extra zing to it. These ingredients add a really nice touch to the whole combination but are optional nonetheless. It tastes amazing without these two, too!

The final results, all ingredients combined in a bowl


The final result, all ingredients combined in a bowl


The final result, all ingredients combined in a bowl

What is your favourite breakfast?
If you have any suggestions as to variations of my brekkie, please leave them below! 🙂



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