Yes, you read that right.
I was going to make the transition a little smoother; a nice introduction, a paragraph of background information and then break the news to you in a civilised manner.

As a matter of fact, though, I am about to wee myself in excitement, so I couldn’t help but put the most exciting news to ever happen in my life in the title of this post already,


Now, if you read on, you’ll find a little attempt of a paragraph, which turned more into an exciting ramble (you can picture me pretty much jumping up and down while I type this).
Also, there are some questions – if you’re feeling super nice today, I would be grateful if you could please give them a read and maybe answer them?

Let’s go on with the post then…

I don’t like telling people about my plans unless they’re 100% secure. One, because the more people you tell, the more disappointing it gets if you fail. And two, people are so quick to judge when you have nothing but vague plans – and that is the last thing you need when you’re busy sorting things out.

If you read my blog for a while, followed me on social media or simply know me in real life, then you will know about my love for all things British, and my neverending hope to one day move back.

With big dreams, I find that there is always one scenario which is the ultimate dream. One ultimate situation: time, place, manner, everything is right (hello, English linguistics degree vocab). I never dare dream of these scenarios; I always aim for babysteps and tell myself, “I’ll get there eventually”.

Long story short – I snatched the golden ticket.
I managed to land my absolute dream job, something I never would have dared dream of, and I am moving back to London.

I am absolutely over the moon to announce this and I cannot wait! Everything is happening a lot sooner than I had originally planned but I am excited nonetheless.

Question number one!
Would you be interested in me sharing the process of leaving everything in Germany behind and moving to England? (I was really looking forward to making this sound as dramatic as possible.) There probably won’t be a whole lot of posts, but they’ll most likely be crammed with information, because I really only have eight weeks to organise everything…

Question number two!
I will have to re-vamp my wardrobe a little bit and find some bits and pieces for ‘smart casual’ looks. What are your staple pieces? What do I need so that I can combine it in various ways and still look presentable?

Now, if you are from the UK – or even living in London – I have a couple of pretty mundane and straightforward questions for you.

1. Bank account
I never actually opened a bank account the last time I lived in London, so are there any recommendations you can give me? Which bank shall I go with? Is there anything I need to think about?

2. Phone
Last time I went with Pay As You Go but would like to look into contracts now – unless someone knows of a great PAYG offer? I’ll need unlimited minutes, 1-2GB internet and maybe a couple of texts included in the price. As cheap as possible, please. Also, I don’t need a new phone.

3. Anything else?!
Is there anything you can think of that might help me settle in quickly? Do let me know, no matter how unimportant you consider it to be!

You can leave comments underneath this blog post (definitely tell me if you like me to update you on everything!) or contact me on social media or send me an email – whatever you think works best!


Lisa x


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