Mini Kiko Haul

Kiko are on fire with their sale at the moment!


I was originally only going in for a thing or two but was drawn into the sales. I didn’t get too spendy but still managed to find a few lovely bits which I wanted to share with you!




I only own one Kiko eyeshadow – a medium, shimmery grey which I bought for my Halloween makeup last year (I’m normally not one for smokey eye shadows). Unintendedly I had bought an eyeshadow for their “eyes clics” system which is much like MAC’s – you buy mini eye shadows and can put them into your palettes as you wish.


I wanted to get a palette of four to put my grey in but when I saw that all the eye shadows were on sale and with a purchase of three you get a (empty) palette of 9 for free… I couldn’t resist.




Number 243 is sort of a purple ton which I thought was something different to my usually ever growing collection of brown shades. Number 237 is a lovely matte beige colour which I reckon will be lovely as a base for an everyday, neutral look. Lastly I bought number 257 which is a more shimmery gold colour with hints of copper which I hope will enhance my blue eyes a lot more!


The grey that I owned already is number 290.




My lashes are my nemesis. They are quite long and since my eyes are my favourite feature of my face, I like to enhance them with a pretty eyeshadow look and super curly lashes. I can just never get them right like I want them! Up until now I used to use a cheap drugstore curler which just doesn’t do the job to my standards anymore, so I’m hoping this one will do better!





Although I’m trying to give my nails a break, a couple of nail polishes were on offer and I thought this colour was lovely. It’s a rose gold shade which I thought would be perfect for every day, really, and will make a difference from my usual dark polishes!



This is everything I bought in the sales today!

Very excited to give this all a go. Which are your favourite items from Kiko?


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