Lush’s ‘BB Seaweed’ mask.

You may have noticed that I rarely blog about beauty and skincare. Whilst I’m super interested in both and always try new products, I just don’t particularly see myself as a beauty blogger, hence why you never see what I love appear on here.

This, however, is definitely worth making an exception.





BB Seaweed mask – £7.25

The last few months have been so stressful that my skin took a turn for the worse. I’m normally blessed with quite good skin but recently, it’s been very uneven, spotty and a combination of the Sahara desert and a deep fryer. Not cool.

I went into Lush, explained what my skin was going through and left with this face mask (along with a body scrub and a complimentary bath bomb, which I thought was absolutely lovely!). After only one use, my skin was feeling super smooth and clean already, and now, after three uses, it’s looking the best it has so far this year.

It smells fresh, feels incredibly nice on the skin (especially in this 30 degree heat we recently experienced!) and doesn’t dry as crusty as other masks tend to do – you can definitely still talk and smile with this on. My skin is usually super sensitive to new products but I didn’t have any problems with this whatsoever. I like to use it before I have a shower or whilst having a bath for extra relaxation.

If you’re looking for a mask to calm your skin down or just generally do it something good, I can definitely recommend checking this one out.

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