There are very few things in this world that make me as happy as a book shop.


I’m Lisa, a late-20s writer and translator based in Manchester, UK. I’m happiest with a cup of coffee or tea in hand and my nose buried in a book whilst rain hits the window – and this is my corner of the internet.

Whilst I have dabbled into the blogging world since 2011 – the golden days of Tumblr -, Lisa Kristin x was established in July 2014. Back then, it was a solemn distraction from uni, inspired by my favourite bloggers and YouTubers, but since then, it has evolved into a space that I cherish and love. On here, I can express my thoughts and my opinions, bring my always overworking mind on to paper (or… screen) or simply natter away about a beauty or fashion discovery I made.

Writing has always come naturally to me. I express myself a lot better in writing than I do in spoken words – I am more than happy to type out multiple pages about my feelings but try to get me to talk about them and I will most probably fall silent. My book collection is always increasing, as is my list of tattoos I would like to get and the places I would like to visit some day.

Coming from a small town in Germany, and carrying an ever-growing dislike for the country I spent over 20 years living in, my one big goal in life was to move somewhere else. Australia was first, followed by the UK, and I suppose the latter is where my heart remained. Not wanting to waste my fondness for languages completely, I took the only thing I deemed worth taking from my origin and am now working as a freelance translator, alongside doing copywriting and blogging.

If you are interested in working with me, please see the ‘Work with me’ tab in the menu above.

I hope you enjoy!


Photos by Ali Hemsley Photography


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