Leave a review.

Hands up if you ever found yourself in a situation like this:
You buy your coffee to go every morning and every time it’s nice. You can order your regular skinny latte in your sleep, you know the order by heart, and every time you leave with a cup filled to the brim with the glorious elixir that is caffeine. But behold that one rainy Thursday morning, where the new girl has put full fat milk and you had to wait two minutes longer because it takes her a while to get your order right, and you’ll be on your Twitter quicker than she can say Sorry and you’re typing away about dissatisfied you were.

Why is it that we’re more likely to leave a negative review? And likewise, why are we more likely to listen to negative reviews? In a world where positivity and support is needed more than ever, we still focus on venting and picking on the little things rather than embracing each other and building each other up.

We’re in the second quarter of the year now; the grey, rainy days are gone, spring has sprung, there’s pink blossoms and sunshine and blue skies. Let’s take the positive change in the seasons and make a positive change in our lives: I dare you to leave a positive review every once in a while. Tweet your favourite coffee shop to tell them how friendly their staff in a specific store are. How excellent someone’s customer service has been, and how much you enjoy coming back to your local supermarket. Support your friends and family in their passions and tell them how well they’re doing. It will make a positive change in your and their life. It’s a win/win situation.

Let me know how you get on.

’til then. x


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