I’m back?

Hello to one and all,

it’s been a while. Three months to be exact. But I guess I’m going to pick this blog up again, with a little bit of a different concept. Let me explain.

Earlier this year, I briefly mentioned that “I’m struggling”. And frankly, I still am – which is exactly why I’m picking this blog up again. I need an outlet, somewhere I can vent, and I decided to put it out in the open because I want to reach people who are struggling as well.

Now, I’m going to be honest. It could be worse. I’m not seriously ill, nor is anyone in my direct environment, but you don’t have to be confronted with a terminal circumstance to be struggling, do you? Isn’t it a matter of how you perceive your situation, with a little pinch of objective judgement because really, sometimes we obsess over something which, quintessentially, is not that bad. I’ve gathered objective judgement in form of counselling and I came to the conclusion that I am allowing myself to struggle.

What I’m not allowing myself is to suffer. To lose sight, hope and the willpower to get out of this state. And I am using this blog to document my journey. For myself, and for anyone out there who needs inspiration, motivation and the comfort that somewhere in this world, someone is not having the best time, either. It sounds horrible but we find comfort in the knowledge of not being the only ones going through a rough patch.

Which is all it ever is, really – a rough patch. Nothing lasts forever, and any hopeless situation WILL pass. I guarantee, 110%. It might not vanish but it will get better. Some experiences stay with us forever, and that is okay, but it won’t hurt as much as it does now, I promise.

I won’t set a tight schedule for posts on this blog. Firstly, because I’m writing my Bachelor thesis and I try to squeeze a bit of work in and so on. Secondly, because I can’t foresee the waves and stages I’ll be going through. I won’t have a new insight every week, or maybe I’ll have a couple a week and then none, but I will share what I see as shareable and potentially helpful for others.

If you want to keep up with daily utterances from my cluttered mind, I’d advise you to head over to my Twitter. For some little cheery photos, try my Instagram.

till then – you’re not alone x


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