How I write a blog post.

For me, writing blog posts is a mixture of frantic note-taking, lots of dots and rearranging. It takes a good while before words and sentences make sense and are put in a coherent order, so let’s dive into my brain processes, shall we?


The idea
Most of the time, I get an idea out of nowhere (on the bus, whilst cooking dinner or in the shower to name but a few), and if I don’t write it down immediately, it’ll most likely be gone forever. Most of the time I use my phone to scribble ideas, sentences and paragraphs down, simply because it’s the quickest way of doing so. Imagine a cloud of words in my head floating about, which need to get out as soon as possible before vanishing into the depths of my brain. When I get home, I open my laptop straight away (often I’m even still wearing my coat and shoes) and put the notes into a draft blog post.

The writing process
Before the post gets in an actual systematic order, there are bits and pieces floating about for days, if not weeks. Sometimes I leave a paragraph for a while, putting dots at the end to remind myself that I need to finish it, and I generally just write everything down as it pops into my head, disregarding grammar, spelling and structure for a while.

Depending on what kind of blog post it is, I’ll either have photos ready or need to think about what to put. I’m not very good at keeping a photo library so often just snap whatever works best in that moment. This is definitely a point I need to work on – not only equipment-wise but also in terms of organisation!

Fine tuning
Once I’m happy with the general message, I’ll rearrange paragraphs, rewrite sentences or switch words and beginnings around. This is all about giving the post its final touch; often I leave it for a day and come back again, reread it and hopefully feel satisfied!

I mostly schedule my blog posts for Sunday mornings, with the occasional Wednesday night in between. I hardly ever press ‘publish’ as soon as a post is finished so the scheduling function is my best friend.

As much as this looks like a neat 5-step-plan, the reality often looks a bit different but I generally try to stick to some sort of order – otherwise I think nothing would ever get published! Now if you excuse me, I’ve just had a fleeting thought which needs to be detained…

’til then x


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