I was on the bus home listening to ‘Home’ by Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros, and it made me wonder what ‘home’ actually is; not only to me but also in general. This post also goes up on the day I’m flying back home to London, after having spent ten days at home in Germany. Is that even possible?



Home can be…

A place.
The sea, the beach, the woods. Your room, your friend’s kitchen – any place can be home. You might connect it with memories, you might feel your most sincere self or it’s your little bubble of comfort.

A scent.
It can be your mum’s laundry powder, your best friend’s deodorant or your partner’s after shave. It can be the smell of freshly mowed grass or a bonfire or your favourite cake baking in the oven. A scent can change everything and make you feel that warm feeling that spreads from your heart through your body.

A person.
Family, friends, partners in crime. They all give us that inevitable sense of intimacy, comfort and security. You can be hundreds of miles away from the house or flat you live in; if you’ve got the right person with you, it will feel like home.

A song.
Those first notes; that first line. It gives you goosebumps and makes you smile to yourself. When the memories hit and you can’t help but relive them all, and every single time it is as if a wave of content and happiness crashes over you.

A book.
Written works of art that you can just lose yourself in. Words that help you create a world of your own; a place to escape to and feel content in. It might be Hogwarts, it might be Wonderland – but in that moment, it’s yours.

’til then x


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