Holy Trinity Church and the gardens

I’ll be completely honest here… I don’t think I’ll find the words to describe how much I loved this place. I came here twice, and both in the rain and in the sunshine, it was equally mesmerising and captivating.

The church itself, in which Shakespeare was baptised, married and buried, is beautiful. As you walk towards it, there is an avenue of lime trees, which are said to represent the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve Apostles.

Admission is free, however, to visit Shakespeare’s grave in the Chancel, it’s £3. In fact, you’ll not only find Shakespeare’s grave but also Anne Hathaway’s, John Hall’s, Savanna Hall’s and Thomas Nash’s. I didn’t take any photos inside the church but it really is beautiful.

The real winner, however, are the grounds surrounding it.

On a rainy Thursday afternoon as well as a sunny Friday morning, you’ll find nothing but silence and peace.

The water sparkles, the leaves rustle and it really gives you a chance to breathe.

Neither the photos nor the videos do it any justice. This was absolutely beautiful, you cannot miss it when you visit – especially in the autumn sunshine! Just a stone’s throw away from Hall’s Croft and New Place, find the Holy Trinity Church at Old Town, CV37 6BG.




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