A year ago today: Holi Festival of Colours

I had just moved into a new houseshare the day before. Little did I know that the 6 month contract which I signed out of the blue, without knowing what I was going to do after October 31st, would be the best thing I could do. Little did I know, that this house would become my shelter, my home, filled with the people who should become my best friends.

Whilst spending my time researching about London when I was still in Germany, I met someone who was in the same situation as myself – student, going abroad for an internship. We kind of bonded over that and decided to go to the Holi Festival of Colours. I had heard and read about it everywhere since everyone and their mother seemed to have gone, but going in LONDON just seemed next level to me.

Battersea Power Station and blue skies

We made our way to Battersea Power Station (completely wrong bus, completely wrong stop, taking a route which took us forever – oh how new we were to this big city!) and waited eagerly for the music acts to kick off. Heavily overpriced, it was still so cool to soak up the atmosphere and to keep thinking, “This is me. In London. At a festival. I am so lucky”.

BUT we all know what this is really about – the colours!
Every hour, the countdown would go off and colourful powder (mixed with water, in most cases, because it was super hot and the powder sticks better to your skin if wet!) would be thrown into the air. It was magical, it was colourful, it was fun – and it was difficult to breathe for a few seconds because there was powder everywhere.

In between every countdown, there were music acts entertaining the crowd with incredible, dance-able music. I remember feeling blissful, carefree and at peace with myself. It really was a beautiful day.

We danced until the early hours of the evening before making our way back home.

It took forever to wash the colours out of my hair and off of my body (very good first impression I made at my new house, too, leaving the bathroom covered in colourful powder – oops…) but it was the best first event I could’ve gone to in London!




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