My favourite history programmes on Netflix

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…

Ten lords a-leaping

nine ladies dancing | eight maids a-milking | seven swans a-swimming

six geese a-laying | five gold rings | four calling birds

three French hens | two turtle doves | and a partridge in a pear tree


History programmes are something I quite enjoy watching – if they’re interestingly made and not bore me, that is. At school, I often thought of history to be really dull, but now I wish I had paid a little more attention. Luckily, Netflix has some pretty good documentaries and programmes to fill that knowledge gap of mine. Here are three of my favourites.

Biscuits, coffee and laptop in bed

The Crown

2 seasons with 10 episodes of about an hour each

Oh, how I adore Claire Foy. It probably helps if you’re a fan of the Royal Family, but this show is so well done that you don’t have to be a royalist to enjoy it. The acting is phenomenal, everything from the costumes to hair and makeup and design is outstandingly well done – it’s no coincidence that this show received a total of 26 nominations in 2018’s Primetime Emmy Awards.

Biscuits, coffee and laptop in bed

Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace: Hampton Court

54 mins.

Apart from the fact that some of the background music sounds suspiciously like the tunes from The Great British Bake Off, this short programme is really interesting. It focuses on Henry VIII’s life at Hampton Court but also shows the change in personality he has undergone over the course of his life. The person who was crowned king at the age of 18 was very different to the person who chopped his wives’ heads off.

Biscuits, coffee and laptop in bed


1 season with six episodes of about 40 mins. each

This is not your typical history programme. Every episode is about a different city, with a great mix of modern and ancient events, telling you how the city has become what it is today. From San Francisco to New Orleans, London to Rome, the show covers some of the biggest cities in the US and Europe. And with only 40 minutes per episode, this is an easy-to-watch programme.

Laptop with Netflix, coffee and biscuits

Laptop with Netflix, biscuits and coffee

What are your favourite history programmes on Netflix?

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