Hello from London.

Hello everyone!

Just a really quick post to say that I am alive and well. I arrived in London nearly three weeks ago and it has been a pretty eventful time so far.

I will spare you the long and boring details but last weekend, I finally found a beautiful place to live – quite central, yet residential and quiet. I share a house with three other people and it is a really nice place. My room is super spacious and I already have a lot of ideas about how I’m going to decorate it!

My first couple of days at work were quite alright as well; obviously I don’t feel 100% secure with it yet but I’m hoping that that will change soon.

Now that this new chapter in my life has started, I want to take my blog up a notch. Throughout the next couple of weeks, I am going to try and re-design it, and also think of new post ideas. As I mentioned before, I still haven’t quite found my niche just yet but I’m hoping that it will come over time. Obviously I also have to settle in at work and general UK life, so do bare with me! Basically I want this to be up and running properly by September the latest. Lots of cosy autumn posts to be written, yay!

Do let me know if there is anything you would like see me do in and around London!

’til then x


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