Four British habits I can’t wrap my head around.

I told you about the British habits I’ve internalised quite well and although I think for the most part, I am not exactly sticking out like a sore thumb, there are a few things which I still can’t quite wrap my head around.


The importance of recycling. Okay, maybe I come from a household in which people cared unusually little about recycling but in my personal experience, the importance of it is on a whole ‘nother level over here. My British housemate in London once took an empty yoghurt pot, which I had put in the bin, out and moved it over to the recycling pile. Is this normal behaviour?

Cleaning your recycling. Ok, ok, I’m doing it. I’m recycling. I am separating my paper from my tin and my food waste from my cardboard, I’ve learnt and I’m on my way to become more British. But please, please tell me why I have to clean my pot of yoghurt before I put it in the recycling bin? Surely those little bits of leftover yoghurt (trust me, I don’t leave much residue!) can’t be that bad? Will the recycling police come and get me and make me clean all the tins and pots I haven’t scrubbed before throwing them away?

The debate on if and how much sugar to have in your tea. I kind of always assumed British people put milk and sugar in their tea but oh, no, how wrong I was. People stare at me wide-eyed when I put even so much as half a teaspoon into my mug. So much so that I’ve completely given up on taking any sugar in any kind of tea (that, and because well, I want to cut down on my sugar intake, anyway). I haven’t had the heart to tell anyone yet that up until a few years ago, I would put a whole two teaspoons of sugar into my cuppa. I’m sorry.

The debate about Christmas adverts. A seasonal topic, but still one I can’t quite wrap my head around. Why is it so important which retailer brings out the best Christmas advert? Why are we all so mad about not understanding #MozTheMonster? What is happening?


Dear Brits, I love you, but as for the above, I’ll never be one of you.

’til next time x


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