Flaws and imperfections.

I recently attempted vlogging for the first time. I was incredibly motivated to finally kickstart my YouTube channel, document my life, get editing and be creative. It took me exactly half a day to delete all footage because I couldn’t stand looking at myself.


It took me four hours and four little videoclips to completely hate myself. My undereye bags, my skin, my lips, my teeth, my nose, my hair; just about everything. I picked myself apart until none of me was left and, quite frankly, it ruined my mood for the rest of the day. I couldn’t look at myself without hating myself and despite knowing that I’ve been overwhelmingly stressed lately, which always has an impact on my well-being and self-perception, I spent the rest of my night wishing I was more like this and that person.


Funnily enough, I don’t see flaws in other people. At all. In my humble opinion, an outer appearance cannot be flawed. I’d take a beautiful personality over a seemingly flawless body any time. Inner beauty is the most gorgeous a person can be and it will always outdo their ‘imperfections’ by miles. Likewise, it’s ugly characteristics that make a person less attractive, not a spot on their forehead or wonky teeth or a long nose.


There is obviously nothing wrong with working on your body if you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and there is also nothing wrong with loving your body and having favourite and less favourite parts. But since anatomically, we are pretty much all the same if you strip us down to the core, we should probably concentrate on what makes us unique: our personalities.


We all know that I give myself very good advice but I very seldom follow it; however, in this case, I should probably listen to myself for once as I could potentially stand in the way of one too many things.


’til next time x


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