30 degrees and the first days in Brighton.

As I’m sure you will have noticed if either a) you’re from the UK or b) follow people living in the UK on social media, we’ve recently been hit by a bit of a heat wave. And if I was abroad somewhere, chilling by a pool in which I can dip in and out of if I wanted, then I’d bloody love life.

Instead, I moved house by myself (four Uber trips, three suitcases, seven bags), went to IKEA and tried to build four pieces of incomplete furniture over the course of two days – not ideal.

And that’s why there hasn’t been that much content on the blog and I have been slightly falling off the creative slide lately. However, as I have mentioned on my Instagram, Brighton has done me so, so well so far. I have only been in the city for eleven days and in my new place for five but I haven’t been this happy all year. I know it sounds overdramatic but that’s the truth.

2017, so far, has been quite a dark year for me and it’s only now that I’m starting to see colours again. My new place feels more homely after five days than I have felt in London for the past year. I never thought the day would come on which I say this but it’s true. I still have a lot of love for London but Brighton, well – Brighton is simply better for my soul.

I can’t wait to get back into writing, being creative, taking pictures, exploring the city. To build my life by the seaside, to dance through warm summer nights and sip iced coffee whilst getting stuck into work. I really want to push myself, my blog and my creativity forward. I want to improve, become better at what I do, establish a brand for myself and, most importantly, keep it up.

So with the prospect of cooler temperatures towards the end of the week and my bloody furniture finally built, let’s get back to business (…I won’t finish this, I’m sure you sang it, too).

’til then x


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