My favourite body lotion… ever

Body lotion was the first beauty product I really stuck to.

Before being interested in make up, I was interested in pamper products. Actually, my proper interest in make up evolved really late, probably only two to three years ago. Before that, I’d put on the occasional concealer or mascara but I remember being utterly amazed when a friend told me there was such a thing as eyelash curlers. I must’ve been about 18 when I made this amazing discovery.

Anyway, my skin is quite dry, especially in the winter time so I need something super moisturising. bebe is actually the brand that my family used to use for me when I was a toddler/little child so I guess that’s why I sort of stuck to it when I got my first body lotion. And I never really walked away from it.


bebe young care soft body milk

I tried a fair few other body lotions – mainly because at some point in my life I thought I should probably walk away from the product I used as a 14 year old. But I always came back to it and nowadays I don’t really see why I shouldn’t continue to use it.

Obviously as this has accompanied my beauty evolution for a good 10 years now, the scent holds so many memories for me. I can’t really describe it to be honest because it doesn’t really smell of anything in particular but it’s just lovely!

It’s definitely a product for dry to very dry skin and it does leave a very slight film on your skin so you really have to work it into your skin which doesn’t bother me in the slightest! I know some people don’t like having a body milk that takes a while to soak into your skin but to be honest, I enjoy smothering myself in this after I had a shower and by the time I put my face creams on, it’ll be fully absorbed and I can put clothes on straight away (although I’m not the kind of person who puts clothes on straight away… ever).

I am not exactly sure how widely available this is but if you can get your hands on it, I highly suggest you do!


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