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At the time of writing this, it has been 12 days since we left English soil and started our once-in-a-lifetime adventure around the world. And what a crazy 12 days it’s been!

The switch from normal, everyday life to living out of a suitcase, getting on a heck-load of flights (five flights in the first ten days, to be exact), eating different food and having to be careful with tap water all the time has left us feeling quite exhausted, I’m not going to lie.

We landed in Cairo, Egypt, late on Thursday, 28th June. It took us a good three hours to get from the airport to our hotel (there were about eight passport controls and massive queues everywhere), and when we got there, we were greeted by unfriendly and unwelcoming staff, leaving us a bit disappointed. We put this down to being tired and in a completely different culture, but the next day, unfortunately, turned out to be no different. With the swimming pool being unusable (it was full of locals and used for kids’ swimming lessons), the internet not working (I had to spend £40 on data roaming) and staff that spoke little to no English, we quickly realised that this hotel, albeit that it had a four-star rating, was not the right one for us.

After one last attempt to explore the area ourselves, where everything was rather run down and the stares we got were more than uncomfortable, we booked a different hotel, packed our bags and were ready to check out. The checkout process took over one hour, during which the staff got consistently angrier and ruder. It’s safe to say we were really happy to be out of there.

Friday evening and all day Saturday were lovely – we chilled by the pool, had lunch on our balcony overlooking the Nile, and watched the football. On Sunday, we had booked a tour to see the pyramids and the Sphinx. It was an early start, and because those never agree with me, I didn’t eat anything. What followed was inevitable: After two hours in the Egyptian desert, a lesson about essential oils, a lesson about papyrus, and two glasses of hibiscus tea*, I found myself collapsed on the floor of an Egyptian shop. Lesson learned.

*The hibiscus part is important because apparently, it lowers your blood pressure – who knew?

Monday was our last full day in Egypt, which we spent relaxing and napping before a rather early start on Tuesday. Our flight to Dubai, UAE, left at 9:30am local time, and even though we got to the airport for 7:15am, it took us two hours getting through all the security checks and passport controls, making it just in time for boarding. The airport in Cairo really is something else.

History then repeated itself, but this time it was my dad feeling faint on the flight. We learned how to avoid these situations eventually.

Dubai was mainly extremely hot: We were greeted with 45 degrees heat, something that was unlike anything I had ever experienced. We spent two nights and one day there, trying to recuperate in our air-conditioned hotel room, before embarking on another early morning flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka, where we spent a grand total of 32 hours.

After 14 hours of travelling from Colombo via Kuala Lumpur, I am typing this from our Airbnb’s kitchen in Perth. We’re in Australia for one month, with Perth being up first, followed by Brisbane, and I’m stupidly excited to be back Down Under! Having been in three countries with vastly different cultures than my own, I have found a new understanding and impression of this way of life that was so alien to me before. Once it has all sunk in, I am going to write a dedicated blog post about it.

For now, I’ll leave this one here. For more frequent and real-time updates, definitely follow me on Instagram!

’til next time x



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