The diary I can’t live without.

I’ve always been an organised person. Planning ahead and knowing exactly what to do on which day in the week is what I need to be productive, calm and deliver the highest quality I can. But until recently, I hadn’t quite found the right way to do it. Should I use an app, a conventional diary, a bullet journal? With taking the step into freelancing, I needed to make sure that my organisational skills were always on point, so when I found myself in Paperchase one day (I find myself in Paperchase quite often, to be honest), I found the diary that, dare I say, completely changed my life.

I had heard of Moleskin before but the price tag had always put me off. I would always ask myself if I really needed a diary this expensive but now I know that the only answer to this question is “YES!”. I am loving the bigger format this comes in and the way each page is divided works perfectly for me.

The left page shows each weekday, with a little less space for Saturday and Sunday, and the right page is for notes. There are also other handy pages like a compact overview of the year on a few double pages and some blank space for additional notes, plus a little pouch at the very back to keep notes and important paper slips in.

I can safely say that this diary is now my brain and if I don’t have it with me, I don’t know what to do or where to go that day. I’m also colour-coding my meetings, events and to dos, which helps massively, too.

For 2018, I’m thinking a bullet journal will be the next step. How do you keep organised? What works best for you? And if you have a bullet journal – how do you work with it?

’til next time x





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