Catrice “Absolute Nude” palette

As I mentioned in previous posts, I recently discovered my love for eyeshadow palettes.

It just has so many advantages! You don’t have to take multiple eyeshadows with you in your make up bag, the colours work together nicely already (so no time is wasted trying to decide which ones would look good together) and you’re most likely good to go for a daytime as well as an evening look.

I’ve had my eyes on this particular one for quite some time now but only recently caved and bought it.


Catrice “Absolute Nude” eyeshadow palette – 4,99€

I really like a gold-brown eyeshadow look.

I think it is very flattering for all eye colours and can create either a subtle look for school or work or a smokey effect for an evening out. It is my birthday next weekend and so I’ve been thinking about what to do for my makeup – this seemed like the perfect option!

Just look at all the lovely, untouched shades! Come on, come a little closer…


Okay I think that’s enough.

Especially for people like me who struggle a lot with dark shadows under the eyes, no matter how many hours of sleep they got, it is important to include lighter colours into your eye look. I feel like using dark colours all over the lid can make me look tired and ill so I tend to use a vanilla or golden shade in the inner half of my lid just to brighten them up. All the darker colours, I focus on the outer corner and socket.

One more little peak, yeah?

I’m really excited to give this a whirl for my birthday now!


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