Bluebird Tea Co. store launch, London

I’ve known the Bluebird Tea Company for quite some time now. Even when I lived to London, I would pop in their Brighton store every time I came to visit – I just adore their tea creations! When I heard that they were throwing a little launch parTEA for their brand new London store, I knew I had to go.

The store itself is split on two levels and beautifully inviting and open. All of their tea creations are lined up on shelves all around, whether that’s loose leaf, tea bags or their Matcha range.

There were also two adorable, real life doggos, who were definitely the centre of attention – rightly so!

On the lower floor was a ‘Make your own tea’-station. You were given the options on some base flavours, for example black or green tea, and then a bunch of toppings to mix your own creation! As you can see, I went with a black tea base and added some chai and cinnamon on top. You can also book mixology classes with the Bluebird Tea Company to learn more about which flavours go together and how to blend them properly!

Going with the DIY-theme on the lower floor, there was also the opportunity to customise your own tote bag! Even I managed to print the new store location on to the already beautifully designed tote bag.

The little bits of tape around the ‘L’s were for me to recognise my tote bag as we had to hang them up to dry!

I resisted the Christmas range for now but come November, I will definitely be getting the Gingerbread Chai! I think a gift box would be the perfect Christmas present or stocking filler for someone. There is also a Bluebird tea advent calendar, which I think sounds amazing!

Much like the Brighton store, the London store has also got a tea bar, which offered a tea cocktail menu last night. I didn’t try any of them, but I had a MojiTEA and it was lovely! You can actually buy the flavour – which is green tea with peppermint and lime – but they enhanced the flavours by adding fresh lime juice and mint, which made it taste extra nice. I reckon this would be a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative for your next party! I can also highly recommend the Iced Matcha Latte, which tastes absolutely delicious.

I can only recommend popping into a Bluebird Tea Company store if you get the chance. They are honestly the nicest bunch of people and make your tea shopping experience extra special every time!


Find their newest store at 26 Camden Passage, London, N1 8ED. They also have stores in Brighton, Bristol, Tunbridge Wells and soon-to-be in Nottingham and Manchester!

Thank you for having me, Bluebird Tea Co., it was an absolute pleasure!






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