Three’s a crowd: a blog birthday.

This little corner of the internet turns three years old today. It is the longest I’ve ever kept a blog up and I’m well proud of my stamina. I’ve also completely fallen in love with my little space of the internet, where I can share my thoughts, and the community I’ve come into.

Let’s look at a few things from the past three years, obviously divided in Threes.

Top 3 posts (as per stats).
1. KIKO Automatic Precision Eyeliner & Kôhl
2. I won a giveaway?!
3. A day in Amsterdam / Hello from London.

Top 3 posts (my favourites).
1. A note on poetry, depression, dancing and Alice in Wonderland.
2. Complete honesty.
3. Afternoon Tea at The Jetty, Brighton.

Top 3 countries.
1. UK
2. Germany
3. USA

Three things that have changed.
1. I graduated from university with a 2:1.
2. I moved from Germany to London to Brighton.
3. I have one more tattoo and two more piercings.

Three things I hope for the future.
1. Keep posting as regularly as I have.
2. Meet more lovely people from the Blogosphere.
3. Push my writing and creativity more.

Three blogs that I have loved since day one.
1. The Londoner
2. Hannah Gale
3. From Roses

Three blogs that I’ve discovered in the meantime.
1. The Brightoner
2. Mr. Salt and Pepper
3. Katerina Jane

Three blogs that have had a positive influence on me.
1. Beth Norton
2. One Pleasant Day
3. Zoella

Happy 3rd birthday, Lisa Kristin (x). Here’s to the next three.

’til then x


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