BEAUTY-TAG: How much I would pay for…

I saw this tag on one of my favourite German blogs, innenaussen, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a great German beauty blog! The tag is basically about how much you would pay for certain beauty items.
Now, my take on this has a slight twist to it – basically, my student budget is very limited so I included some hypothetical scenarios, i.e. not every item I’ll mention is actually in my possession. (If that makes any sense)


I swear by Maybelline The Falsies, which is my holy grail. I have yet to try the Lash Sensational, but there aren’t many mascaras which I would definitely want to try from a high end brand. Except for the odd moment in which I’m convinced I need one from Clarins, YSL or Lancôme, I’ll happily stick to my drugstore choices — okay, one exception is the Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara, which I really want to try.


Foundation is a different story. Rimmel do great ones, and the L’Oréal Perfect Match is lovely, too, but there are quite a few high end brands which I’d like to try. Tarte, NARS, Laura Mercier and Chanel are just a few of them. If I ever had the chance to pick one of these up, I’d definitely do so!


Again, drugstore choices work perfectly fine for me. Rimmel Stay Matte is great, and I’ll happily stick to that.


Hmmm – I’m undecided! I own some great drugstore ones (Maybelline, Catrice, Manhattan) and Sleek are still on my ‘must try’ list in the blush department, but some of the high end ones look lovely, for example MAC or Tarte. Maybe I would try high end ones, but so far the drugstore offers a great variety for me.


I haven’t quite figured out how to work bronzer, so I’m not sure how much I would actually be willing to spend on it. I really like the Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer, which sits somewhere between drugstore and high end in my opinion, and I haven’t quite tried anything else.


The drugstore offers a great choice. I love the Maybelline Gel Liners, and I have yet to try a liquid/feline one. I heard many good things about L’Oréal and Maybelline eyeliners, so I’d probably turn to that if I ever decided to go for a liquid liner. For the most part, though, I stick to eyeshadow as eyeliner.


I would definitely try high end ones here. The drugstore has a nice selection (Maybelline’s Colour Tattoos are great!) but I think that the high end choices are even better. MAC and Urban Decay are on top of my list.


Drugstore. I never use any lip products, because I hate my lips/teeth/jaw area and I don’t like to draw attention to it!


Pretty much any drugstore brand works for me here. Tanya Burr’s are fantastic, as are KIKO and Catrice. Also essie and essence… I’d probably not venture into the high end here.


I would love to try products from Benefit or Anastasia Beverly Hills. For the moment, I’m sticking with my Catrice powder and pencil, which work perfectly fine, but I’d love to give high end brands a go in this department.

How much would you spend on certain beauty products?


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