Bare with me: A blog refurbishment.




 photos by Vix Meldrew


Guys. GUYS. I am enlightened.

You know sometimes, you’re so stuck with something that you can’t see clearly anymore. In German, we say “One can’t see the forest because of all the trees.” That’s what I felt like with my blog. I did not know where this was going and what I was doing anymore. Up until recently, I had only seen this as an outlet for all my verbal diarrhoea, for all the thoughts that otherwise would’ve kept me up at night and which were just too much for me to handle. But with the whole freelance hog that I recently jumped into, I felt like I had to take it up a notch. I just didn’t know how.

That’s where Vix Meldrew comes in. She was an absolute blog saver. It only took one morning spent with her in a dimly lit pub in East London to completely rekindle my spark for all things blogging. To find a direction to head into and to come up with a concept which will make this blog part of my portfolio rather than something I just keep on the side without knowing what to do with it.

But while I figure this out (and also while I work on a rather big project outside the blogosphere), this place will remain a bit more quiet. I want to be extra sure about where I’m taking this and how this will look once it relaunches.

I’ll be back to business from Friday, 1st September, 6pm. Very nicely in time for the start of my most favouritest season. A lot of things will change and, even more importantly, improve so that this will no longer be something I just do without any purpose but something I am passionate about, stand up for and believe in.

I am very excited and I can’t wait to show you what’s to come!

’til then!! x



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