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Six months into self-employment: A resume.

Today marks exactly six months since I moved away from London. My last day at my office job was the 9th of June, and so I have been self-employed for six months now. I don’t really know how it’s already…


Looking back on my New Year’s resolutions.

Photos by Pippa O’Neill Photography   When I went into 2017, I set myself no less than 20 New Year’s resolutions. I will admit that that was a bit ambitious from the get-go and some might say I was prone…


The book I re-read every Christmas.

You know how sometimes, you stumble upon something unexpectedly and it becomes your new favourite? It can be a jumper, a musician or a book; and it sticks with your for years to come. A few years ago, it must…


Four British habits I’ve adopted.

It’s been 18 months since I fully moved to the UK. Combined with my internship a few years ago, it’s been two full years which I have spent on the island. My love for all things British has been growing…


A day in Kew Gardens, London

Something not many people seem to realise is that London actually has a substantial amount of green spaces dotted around the city. Greenwich, Richmond Park and Hampstead Heath are only a few examples of where to head to if the…


5 things that have recently made me happy #2

About a month ago, I published a post called ‘5 things that have recently made me happy’. I really enjoyed collecting positive aspects of my life and thought I would turn this into a monthly series! So, without further ado,…