A realisation.

In my final yearbook, people could anonymously vote for what they think you’ll do after graduating. It was meant to be funny and not to be taken seriously. For me, it said, “She’ll drive through Australia in her VW bus and presents the Australian Strictly Come Dancing.”

And I find that really interesting and it pretty much sums up who I am as a person.

But then life happened, and everyone was studying law or medicine or they were training for office jobs and I was like – I NEED TO DO THIS, TOO. So I turned and ran in the complete opposite direction and moved to London, got a hectic job in an upcoming high-end company, lived in a houseshare that I hated because I couldn’t afford anything else and worked so many hours that I didn’t even have one bit of a social life.

And after about a year I realised that fuck, I’d rather drive around in my VW bus and present, if not participate in, Strictly Come Dancing.

You see, I thought I was doing the right thing by going to London, I thought I was going to fulfil my dream and, ultimately, myself but what I see now is that I’d done the exact opposite. And that’s okay. I couldn’t have known if I hadn’t tried. I would’ve sat in Germany and would have spent the rest of my life wondering ‘What if..?’

Since a life of ‘Oh well’s is much more preferable than a life of ‘What if’s, I quit my job. Just like that. Without having a new one. And I moved to Brighton. Just like that. And it all, somehow, worked out.

I’m not sure where I’m heading with this. I guess what I want to say is: You do you. Because at the end of the day, you determine how you achieve happiness in your life and that’s for no one else to judge. Most people’s opinions do not matter (I say ‘most’ because, well, your family and close friends sometimes actually do say things that you might want to keep in mind), and as much as I know that this can be incredibly lonely and often feels like you’re constantly fighting, the reward will be worth it.

Happiness first, always. You decide how to achieve it.

’til next time x


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