A British spring wedding.

Weddings are my favourite life event to celebrate. The day is filled with love, hugs, friends and laughter and everyone is just so happy. I recently went to my first wedding in England and it was absolutely beautiful. Despite the bad weather the day before, we were greeted with blue skies, sunshine and warm temperatures on the day. I wanted to share a few photos with you – albeit that I didn’t take nearly as many as I wanted to – but I hope you can appreciate that I’m not going to share any with people in them.


I got a free upgrade on my hotel room which was absolutely amazing – thank you Holiday Inn Bexley! I really liked staying there, the value for money is really good.



Special occasions mean more effort on the makeup! I used NYX, Urban Decay and Too Faced for my eyes.




Cake and flowers and drinks.


There was a sweetie station, which I thought was a pretty good idea – especially for the kids, who absolutely loved it!


I am terrible at documenting events like this because, well, I like to be in the moment and keep the memories in my head rather than focusing on the perfect shot. Maybe I need to work on that, maybe it will always just be like that.

It was an amazing day nonetheless and it left me feeling positive and full of love, despite being a bit sad that it’s over already.

’til next time x


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