A 2017 roundup.

2017 was quite the year for this little corner of the internet.

I started taking it a lot more seriously, though there is definitely still room for improvement, and finally found a route I am happy to go down on, with a little help from the ever so lovely Vix Meldrew (who, by the way, is offering working lunches and photoshoots, and I would highly recommend taking that opportunity if you feel a bit stuck with your blog!). I changed from Blogger to WordPress (thanks to Phil from pipdig, who was an absolute blog-saver on more than one occasion), bought a proper domain and am promoting my blog and its posts a lot more openly. I can’t wait to show you what I have in mind for 2018.

Thank you to everyone who has ever read a blog post, commented on it, showed some love on social media and just generally encouraged me to keep going. Thank you to those of you who took time out of their days to send me private messages about how one post or another helped you – you will never know just how much this means to me. You are the reason why I will never give up on sharing my thoughts and feelings on here. Thank you.

Let’s look back on the last 365 days of lisakristinx.

The roundup: What happened on lisakristinx


3rd | My fuck budget 2017

5th | Today, I feel okay. (Or: how being an impatient perfectionist can ruin your life)

13th | Out of 13 ways to success, 12 are too far.

15th | Have you seen this wizard?

22nd | Me online vs. my job in real life [A short comment]



5th | Easy reads for your commute.

12th | I don’t have a post for today.

19th | The only top coat you’ll ever need. [Essie ‘Good to go’]



17th | What I’ve learnt from my digital detox.

19th | How I write a blog post.

26th | A Sunday breakfast playlist.

26th | I want much more than this provincial life.



2nd | Leave a review.

9th | I don’t have a post for today. #2

16th | Quality of life.

23rd | Home.

26th | Three things I can’t quite believe I did.

30th | What I’ve been watching on Netflix lately.



7th | Why dating apps don’t work for me.

11th | 10 years ago.

15th | What would you do if..?

17th | My Big Heart problem.

21st | A note on poetry, depression. dancing and Alice in Wonderland.

28th | One love letter a day.

29th | #1 You will think I am lying.

30th | #2 Three-quarters as nice.

31st | #3 Drunk.



1st | #4 A squeal of pain.

2nd | #5 All that I am.

6th | A British spring wedding.

10th | A little announcement.

12th | The best thing I never had.

14th | Regret.

16th | Afternoon Tea at The Jetty, Brighton

18th | Flaws and imperfections

21st | 30 degrees and the first days in Brighton.

22nd | Complete honesty.

24th | Lush’s ‘BB Seaweed’ mask.

27th | A realisation.

30th | Relax: A 10 step plan.



2nd | Dating with social anxiety.

3rd | Three skincare favourites.

6th | My favourite musicals & a musical wishlist.

10th | Silly season.

16th | Porridge four ways.

20th | An amicable breakup.

24th | Three’s a crowd: A blog birthday.

28th | Stomach bugs and kitchen works: A very quick update.



2nd | Bare with me: A blog refurbishment.



1st | Welcome back!

3rd | When life gives you lemons.

9th | The diary I┬ácan’t live without.

12th | Budgeting 101: How to save some pennies.

15th | On becoming my own boss.

18th | Networking as an introvert.

21st | 11 reasons why autumn is the best season of them all.

27th | 7 things I would write if my Tinder bio was honest.



6th | “You’re boring.”

12th | Bluebird Tea Co. store launch, London

15th | Five things that have recently made me happy.

17th | So… life, eh?

19th | Social media and consumerism.

22nd | On constantly restricting ourselves.

30th | Stratford-upon-Avon in 48 hours.



10th | My winter skincare routine 2017.

16th | 5 things that have recently made me happy #2

19th | A day in Kew Gardens, London

22nd | Four British habits I’ve adopted.

25th | Four British habits I can’t wrap my head around.

28th | A little experiment for a better night’s sleep.



1st | The book I re-read every Christmas.

4th | I am not apologising for ‘no makeup’-days anymore, and you shouldn’t, either.

7th | Looking back on my New Year’s resolutions.

20th | 5 things that have recently made me happy #3

23rd | What 2017 has taught me.

27th | 2017 favourites: Beauty.

29th | 2017 favourites: Lifestyle.

30th | My New Year’s resolution for 2018.


87 blog posts for 2017. Let’s see how many 2018 will bring.

See you in the new year! x


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